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On 15 November 2017 at 14:38, SK53 <sk53.osm at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Ben,
> Good to hear.
> I actually have a version of Carto-CSS which displays welsh names when
> present. It merely replaces all instances of name in the Carto-CSS queries
> with a more complicated bit of SQL. For complicated logistical reasons I
> haven't uploaded this to github, but can put aside some time to do so now.
> The style also has blue motorways!

Hi Jerry

That's excellent. Especially the motorways :-)

> Less successfully I have been trying to create a welsh name transparent
> overlay. This would be useful for places like Leicester Liverpool and
> London which have Welsh names but are outside the principality. A full set
> of tiles covering the UK for a handful of names is overkill. Apart from
> styling issues (finding colours and offsets which are legible with the main
> carto style), the biggest issue is names of areas which are multi-line and
> of variable size, and therefore more or less impossible to offset so that
> both the Welsh name & the name on the Carto style are visible.

There are a number of things we'd like to get into once we've done this bit:
- the idea of creating a Welsh language Atlas of the UK and the world is
very attractive (but definitely a phase 2 development)
- the discussion about how to handle English and Welsh side by side is
something to work through. Though there is a use case for a Welsh language
only render there are also use cases for Bilingual renders. (phase 2 again)
a transparent overlay sounds like a very interesting angle...

> Regards,
> Jerry
> On 15 November 2017 at 13:31, Ben Proctor <ben at satorilab.org> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> The Welsh Government announced yesterday a grant to ODI-Cardiff to fund
>> some work around the Welsh language on OSM.
>> This is our announcement
>> In English http://cardiff.theodi.org/2017/11/14/map-i-gymru/
>> and in Welsh http://cardiff.theodi.org/cy/2017/11/14/map-i-gymru/
>> In the way of these things, the funding application was put together at
>> the last minute and, though we heard a couple of weeks ago that we would be
>> getting the grant we couldn't talk about it publicly until yesterday.
>> We hope to:
>> - create a Welsh language tileserver (building on the excellent cysom
>> project)
>> - do some work to encourage tagging in the Welsh language and to
>> encourage more mapping in Wales
>> - encourage organisations in Wales (including the public sector) to make
>> more use of OSM including by demonstrating one or two simple Welsh
>> language uses
>> The funding covers a project until end of March and we will also be
>> looking for opportunities for ongoing funding/support to keep the server
>> infrastructure viable into the medium term.
>> We have contacted a few people off list to talk about this project but
>> I'm conscious that there are people who have been very actively mapping in
>> Wales for some time who we haven't had the chance to contact.
>> We really hope to work with the whole community on this. Any suggestions,
>> insights, ideas, "definitely don't do this..." experiences etc would be
>> very gratefully received.
>> Cheers
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>> Ben Proctor
>> ODI-Cardiff / The Satori Lab
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