[Talk-GB] Importing Shell fuel stations

Ilya Zverev ilya at zverev.info
Thu Nov 16 20:19:14 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

Thank you Brian for pushing this forward. The ongoing discussion (and 
reminders from a NavAds employee) have made me start developing the 
auditing tool for imported data. Hopefully next week I'll give you all a 
link where you can check every imported object one by one, and alter the 

Harry's visualisation was merged into my map. Alas, colours there do not 
work as you think they do: blue means modified existing objects, green — 
new nodes to be added to OSM. Tracking the progress with the 
visualization would be complicated, since we don't have any means to 
store your verdicts on each point.

As for the questions about license and location quality, I answered 
these in May:


Robert, I don't have official branch numbers from Shell. Identifiers 
that are being added in "ref:navads_shell" will be used for updating the 
data, to skip the matching step.


16.11.2017 20:34, Brian Prangle пишет:
> This is something that could be done officially by the UK OSM chapter
> On 16 November 2017 at 13:05, Lester Caine <lester at lsces.co.uk 
> <mailto:lester at lsces.co.uk>> wrote:
>     On 16/11/17 12:48, Robert Whittaker (OSM lists) wrote:
>     >> Here's a strawman to start the discussion:
>     >>
>     >> Use Harry Wood's improved visualisation as a progress checker, with a colour
>     >> change for  missing filling stations to red
>     >> Get active mappers to add/amend data around their localities or journeys
>     >> Change marker colour for filling stations that are "complete" with Shell
>     >> data where it is correct to green
>     >> Watch the map turn green as we make progress
>     > That sounds good to me. The one issue I have with the import though is
>     > the reference numbers being proposed. As I think someone already noted
>     > in the previous discussion, these seem to belong to the third-party
>     > rather than being an official branch number assigned by Shell.
>     Anybody asked Spar if we can use THEIR list of 1054 forecourts to add
>     even more detail to this. Certainly many Shell and BP forecourts are
>     owned and run by Spar and not Shell or BP ...
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