[Talk-GB] Importing Shell fuel stations

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Sun Nov 26 14:52:43 UTC 2017

On Sun, 2017-11-26 at 16:46 +0300, Ilya Zverev wrote:
> Hi Rob, thanks for looking at the website.
> Perhaps I wasn't clear enough. That is a working tool for validating
> an import. Please open http://audit.osmz.ru/project/shell , click
> "Validate the import" and check at least a hundred points. You can
> move a point when it's off, and you can choose which tags go on an
> object.
> If you remember writing me about some of the fuel stations, please
> find these on the "browse points" screen, click "edit this" and put
> changes there.
> I'll plan to do the import when at least a half of the points have
> been looked at — depending on a speed. I will check a few hundred
> myself, but me being not in UK, I doubt it would help increase the
> quality.
Would it be possible to display this import in a table form, a line for
each object and a column for each tag?

This would make obvious errors easier to spot, one example I found was
a closing time of 16:00 which is an obvious error that does not need
local knowledge.

Phil (trigpoint)

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