[Talk-GB] Select and correct a discovered key duplication of sorts in JOSM

Bob Hawkins bobhawkins at waitrose.com
Sun Oct 8 14:50:54 UTC 2017

I return to this thread because there is something I do not understand.  I wish not to make an error undertaking the change I plan.  I queried ‘ref:chiltern_society=* within South Oxfordshire in Overpass Turbo and exported the result to JOSM.  Selecting all, and viewing the results I see in excess of 3,000 unset values against the keys. ‘ref_chiltern_society’ reads ‘<220 different, 3416 unset>’, for example.  ‘prow_ref’ shows the same, fortunately, because the numbers should match.  I fail to understand the number of unset values if I have queried a particular key.  Why are there not 220 ways selected?  I ran the query without nodes and relations and the result was the same.  I believe it would be acceptable to edit the tags in question but am concerned to know the answer before I do so.
One further question: how do I search for the keys ‘ref:chiltern_society’ and ‘source:prow_ref’ in JOSM?  It appears that the use of a colon is not recognised in these cases because of its use in other circumstances?      

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