[Talk-GB] Barriers and PRoWs

Bob Hawkins bobhawkins at waitrose.com
Tue Oct 10 07:59:42 UTC 2017

I record all barriers - gate, kissing gate and stile - as I walk every PRoW (Public Right of Way) in the Oxfordshire Chilterns parish by parish.  I add them and prow_ref values in the form of "Checkendonh FP 12", for example, to OSM.  I discovered three cases on my walk in Ipsden last week where stiles had been replaced by kissing gates.  There are two large caveats regarding OSM, of course: 1. the completeness, or otherwise, of such information and 2. the currency of the information.  I have been labouring with how to improve this situation.  These are my thoughts: I wish to link the barrier node to the PRoW way on which it is situated.  My ability to construct queries in Overpass Turbo is extremely limited and to the Wizard only.  I can query barrier=stile, for example, but am at a loss when it comes to operators such as 'and'.  I should be most grateful for assistance in achieving the following:
1. to identify PRoWs having stiles, say
2. to invert and obtain PRoWs not having stiles
3. to obtain such results for an individual civil parish, either by selecting those ways within an admin level 10 boundary named "Checkendon", say, or selecting those PRoWs whose prow_ref value contains "Checkendon"
4. to be able to export such results to a tabular form
How much is achievable in Overpass Turbo, or what is required in addition?
Please note: I use JOSM always as my editor.
Information like this would allow me to know where to concentrate my checks.  Chiltern Society representatives lead me to understand such information would be useful for its own purposes and I should be pleased to do all I can to help.    

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