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Yes, I was talking about in OSM, so was reluctant to go looking up the RM
version. When I used to sell stuff I did check with the RM website before
sending stuff out.  In my local area I know which postcodes are for which
post town so I can correct without referring to the RM.
For delivery, yes, only the postcode and house number are strictly needed
(with a few exceptions where there is both a main and subsidiary street).
The remainder is basically a backup. I don't really see that that ought to
prevent us mapping full address data in OSM.

On 19 October 2017 at 13:32, Lester Caine <lester at lsces.co.uk> wrote:

> On 19/10/17 13:15, Adam Snape wrote:
> > But Ebbsfleet is not a Post Town. The address will include Swanscombe. I
> > should have said before that my experience (as an eBay seller) is lots
> > of  people are unaware of their correct postal address. Each postcode
> > section eg. DA1, DA2, DA3... will have a particular post town, so I
> > correct this which I know to be wrong for the postcode. Because several
> > of the editors don't include a box for suburb or hamlet it is aslo
> > common to see names of villages or suburbs in the tagged as addr:city.
> From a postal point of view, the result of a lookup on the Royal Mail
> website is the best way of checking a postcode and the return from DA10
> 1AZ is longer than some results and is what Steve listed originally. If
> we can actually use that view of the data is a little grey, but one can
> at least check where one is shipping something is correct. I'm sure
> manually top level sorting post, the post person will be looking at the
> postal town rather than the postcode, but on automated machines then
> only the name and postcode are relevant.
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