[Talk-GB] Quarterly Project: Addresses and Postcodes

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Fri Oct 20 08:17:09 UTC 2017

On 20/10/17 06:05, Marc Gemis wrote:
> The full information that Nominatim knows for "WR12 7EP, United
> Kingdom" is shown on :
> http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/details.php?place_id=180306705
> It does list a collection of streets. What you see on osm.org is just
> a small set, which does not include the list of streets. The number of
> streets in a postal code really depends on the country, it might be a
> small number in the UK, but is large in e.g. Germany.

http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/details.php?place_id=65620674 is of
more interest in this discussion.
Should I have added a postcode to the highway object? Also should each
house have a name tag in addition to the house number? The information
on houses is complete in my book, but do we need to create additional
tags so that Nominatim lists the equivalent of the PAF file addresses?
If I add the names then the rendering becomes messy which is why I only
added the house number.

And I must update the postbox collection times ... that change some time
back :( ... but if those details were pulled from a secondary source ...

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