[Talk-GB] Tagging Schools with fhrs:id

Colin Spiller colin at thespillers.org.uk
Fri Oct 20 14:17:49 UTC 2017

I've recently been catching up with some fhrs:id tags. I've found 
several (most?) of the local schools have entries in the Food Standards 
agency lists. I must have missed something, because I'm now confused.

Most of the school information is tagged to the school boundary. 
However, I would expect the fhrs:id tag to be on the relevant building 
within the boundary, but the comparison tool - thank you gregrs - 
expects both the postcode and the fhrs:id on the same object. So is that 
the standard - both on the boundary, and is it documented in the wiki 
anywhere? I thought I had better check before I did too many updates!

Thanks in advance


Colin Spiller
colin at thespillers.org.uk

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