[Talk-GB] fixme:addr* tags from FHRS comparison tool

Gregrs gregrs at fastmail.co.uk
Wed Oct 25 09:48:59 UTC 2017

Dear all,

The FHRS comparison tool (http://gregrs.dev.openstreetmap.org/fhrs/) 
adds fixme:addr1, fixme:addr2, etc. tags when a user clicks 'Add tags in 
JOSM' because it can't (yet?) figure out which parts of the address 
should go into which addr: tag. The idea is that mappers should make 
this decision and copy the relevant part of each address into 
addr:housenumber, addr:street, addr:city, etc. However, it's easy to 
forget to do this occasionally.

If you think you might have forgotten to change some fixme:addr tags or 
if you are adding addresses for the Quarterly Project, I would encourage 
you to look out for these tags and fix them where possible. It's easy to 
find them using the new Overpass Turbo download function in JOSM; simply 
enter the following into the Query Wizard:

"fixme:addr1"=* or "fixme:addr2"=* or "fixme:addr3"=* or "fixme:addr4"=*

You can then use a filter to remove any nodes/ways that you have already 
fixed using the following pattern:

"fixme:addr2" OR "fixme:addr1" OR "fixme:addr3" OR "fixme:addr4"


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