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Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Oct 30 08:58:09 UTC 2017

Hello everyone,

Much of this is being discussed in Loomio but was having a discussion over the weekend with a fellow mapper and we thought that it might be valuable to mention it on the mailing list too.

As you may know, the plan is to produce a UK specific OSM mapping site. A start on this has been made here:


using a fork of SomeoneElse (Andy)'s cartography with one very minor tweak so far, namely footpaths and bridleways are rendered in a style similar to Landranger maps. The test site covers Hampshire only due to server constraints.

Github repositories are at



- website_real - the coding behind the website (JavaScript; plan is to use PHP server side)

- openstreetmap-carto-AJT - Andy's fork of the OSM map style, further forked

- SomeoneElse-style - Lua script to transform tags, plus supporting shell script to download OSM data from geofabrik and populate the database.

Would be great to see people contribute to this, particularly cartography and UI experts, but also on the coding, as I have limited time and can spend a little, but not _huge_ amounts of time on this.

Would also be good to see a few suggestions for features. A few of mine; on the cartography side:

- add contours (I have done this on Freemap so I should be able to figure out this)

- hill shading (not had any experience of this though I know it has been done)

- Landranger-style rendering? Any other preferences?

- permissive paths need showing; Andy's cartography does not yet do this but again this is something I have experience with.

On the features side (walking oriented most of mine):

- click on POIs to get information about them, e.g. links to Wikipedia articles and websites, real ale status for pubs, opening times, values of the "description" tag, etc

- click on footpaths to get information about them e.g. if a particular footpath has nice views described in the 'description' tag, this should be shown

- ability to re-tag footpaths (e.g. add PROW ref, description tag) by clicking on them (users can already authenticate with OSM via OAuth)

- link with Mapillary to show photos along a given route?

- would things like user-defined walking routes be getting too walking-specific? Who should we be aiming this site at? Outdoor users (in which case, such things would be valuable) or general UK users?

- any others?

Main thing is to get an idea of who we are aiming this site at, as the features, and indeed the rendering, will depend on this.

In terms of server space, we did have a server available to us for development purposes (provided by Birmingham in Real Time) however this will be unavailable for a month or two; however our contact there is going to recommend some cheap hosting options.


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