[Talk-GB] The OSM UK map

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Oct 30 10:37:43 UTC 2017

On 30/10/17 08:58, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> As you may know, the plan is to produce a UK specific OSM mapping site.
> A start on this has been made here:
> http://www.free-map.org.uk/osmuk/
> The test site covers Hampshire only due to server constraints.
It would perhaps be useful to have a 'cloud' of servers which can
provide high resolution layers around the country with a secondary
facility for specialist layers.

> - website_real - the coding behind the website (JavaScript; plan is to
> use PHP server side)
That is where I am currently 'stuck' ;) I'm looking to provide secondary
layers specific to my client websites and all of that code is in PHP
with Javascript browser side.

> Would also be good to see a few suggestions for features. A few of mine;
> on the cartography side:
> - add contours (I have done this on Freemap so I should be able to
> figure out this)
A secondary layer of contours should just be an implementation exercise?
The info is already available ...

> - Landranger-style rendering? Any other preferences?
One of the problems I've been fighting is the 'standard' UK road
colours. Need the green truck roads back as this helps identify who is
responsible for maintenance. ( or at least it used to ;) )

> - permissive paths need showing; Andy's cartography does not yet do this
> but again this is something I have experience with.
Providing UK councils with a generic tool with cross boarder display of
right of way may help bring them on board.

> On the features side (walking oriented most of mine):
> - click on POIs to get information about them, e.g. links to Wikipedia
> articles and websites, real ale status for pubs, opening times, values
> of the "description" tag, etc
With secondary data like the edubase and now fhrs which can be accessed
easily and SHOULD be up to date. Wikipedia/wikidata should perhaps be a
secondary source if a primary source is available.

> - click on footpaths to get information about them e.g. if a particular
> footpath has nice views described in the 'description' tag, this should
> be shown
> - ability to re-tag footpaths (e.g. add PROW ref, description tag) by
> clicking on them (users can already authenticate with OSM via OAuth)
Turning that around ... encouraging smaller council sources to make OSM
their primary tool and feed the results back to other data?

> - link with Mapillary to show photos along a given route?
Looking to secondary sources ... if the browser side tools can allow a
links layer accessing private data, one can add your own pictures. What
I'm looking at here is reports of fly tipping, dog mess, and so on ;)

> In terms of server space, we did have a server available to us for
> development purposes (provided by Birmingham in Real Time) however this
> will be unavailable for a month or two; however our contact there is
> going to recommend some cheap hosting options.
I've space and bandwidth which WAS running a UK mirror, but the software
had not been updated in some years and OSRM was no longer working, so I
need to reinstate that. I will have a look at the github setup ... I'm
only looking to mirror the UK but include Ireland in that until the
great wall of brexit appears ;)

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