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Dave F davefoxfac63 at btinternet.com
Mon Oct 30 13:22:51 UTC 2017

On 30/10/2017 08:58, Nick Whitelegg wrote:
> Would also be good to see a few suggestions for features. A few of 
> mine; on the cartography side:
> - add contours (I have done this on Freemap so I should be able to 
> figure out this)
> - hill shading (not had any experience of this though I know it has 
> been done)
> - Landranger-style rendering? Any other preferences?
> - permissive paths need showing; Andy's cartography does not yet do 
> this but again this is something I have experience with.

Additional layers would be useful, but can they all be selectable 
please. Many implementations of hill shading I've come across have meant 
panning slows to a sludge.

> On the features side (walking oriented most of mine):
> - click on POIs to get information about them, e.g. links to Wikipedia 
> articles and websites, real ale status for pubs, opening times, values 
> of the "description" tag, etc

Good idea. It would need to be 'prettified'. Some popups like this are 
direct transfers of XML data. The end user probably isn't interested if 
what they click on is a node, way or relation or 'key's & 'values'.

> - ability to re-tag footpaths (e.g. add PROW ref, description tag) by 
> clicking on them (users can already authenticate with OSM via OAuth)

Useful for those who wish to do that (I include myself - it's my 'next 
thing to do'), but are you wanting to design an editor or map to be used 
by people who've probably never heard of OSM. They are two separate 
items, I believe.

> - link with Mapillary to show photos along a given route?

A nicety, but I've found mapillary to be sluggish.

I like the 'landranger' paths. Are all path barriers rendered? I know in 
osm-carto discussions about individual icons has stopped their addition. 
Could a 'cover-all' dot, or similar, be used as a stop-gap?

Could 'fields' be reduced in intensity? I found they obscure more 
detailed objects.
And could 'white' roads be increased? Maybe a darker edge?

I haven't read through git hub yet (& doubt I understand much), does it 
use a fork of osm-carto's code (the 'standard' map)?


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