[Talk-GB] 'C' class roads references.

Andrew Hain andrewhainosm at hotmail.co.uk
Sat Aug 4 09:18:02 UTC 2018

Are you offering to create a map with this level of special cases for every country in the world? I’d love to see the result.

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On 04/08/18 00:47, Dave F wrote:
> After many discussions over the years about the referencing of 'C' class
> roads there appeared to be a general consensus to keep them in the
> database but provide a unique tag to allow them not to be rendered.

I assume you mean the reference is not rendered rather than the road.

It seems to me that, in the UK, class C roads should be exactly the set
of roads with highway=tertiary, so there is no need for a new tag.  Even
if that is not true, the correct solution would be to test the reference
in the renderer and suppress it if within the UK.

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