[Talk-GB] 'C' class roads references.

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sat Aug 4 09:31:28 UTC 2018

On 04/08/18 10:07, Philip Barnes wrote:
>> It seems to me that, in the UK, class C roads should be exactly the 
>> set of roads with highway=tertiary, so there is no need for a new 
>> tag.  Even if that is not true, the correct solution would be to test 
>> the reference in the renderer and suppress it if within the UK.
> That really is not a pratical solution, OSM is an Internaional project 
> and the standatrd renderer is International. It is unreasonable to 
> expect the hard working rendering team to support country specific 
> rendering.
> As I said previously, if you want to see C road references rendered, 
> make your own renderer.

Not many countries seem to have 'highway=tertiary' but those that do 
expect them to be rendered, and any reference they use should be 
rendered with them? This is not simply a 'UK' question, but one on how 
generic 'ref' tags are handled, and as I said ... 'highway=secondary' 
references can suffer from the same problem of not actually being 
displayed on the ground. So how the renderers handle this element is a 
world wide problem, and perhaps 'display_ref=no' would be appropriate in 
some areas of the world?

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