[Talk-GB] 'C' class roads references.

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On 04/08/2018 03:03, WebMaster at Killyfole.org.uk wrote:
> I don't understand the logic of doing this?
> Surely we map for what is there on the ground, not how it renders?

The vast majority of 'C roads aren't signed on the ground. There's a 
feeling that those that are maybe old signs & when upgraded won't have 
the ref.

>    If a road
> has a reference number or a name, surely it is up to the render if it should
> show that information or not, not how we tag it in the database?

True. Amalgamating all the variations of C refs to one unique tag 
provides an easy solution for the renderer to make that decision.

> In my particular area I have people "helicopting in" to remove the C and U
> numbers off the roads, just because they don't like the way it renders!  But
> the fact is that none of the rural roads have signs giving the name, so just
> because my local council can't agree on putting up signs on the road I live
> on, it shouldn't have a name on OSM?

The 'refs' are numerical numbers not the name. They aren't being removed 
from the database. The general belief is if they're not signed on the 
ground they shouldn't be rendered on the 'standard' map.

It should be noted 'your' area does not have an air exclusion zone.

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