[Talk-GB] 'C' class roads references.

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Sat Aug 4 13:48:56 UTC 2018

Dave F wrote:
> However this task was never undertaken. I decided to grab the bull by the
> horns.   


Killyfole and District Development Association wrote:
> Surely we map for what is there on the ground, not how it renders?

Right. C road numbers are not on the ground. (With the exception of the 20
or so listed here: http://www.cbrd.co.uk/photo/c-roads .)

David Woolley wrote:
> Even if that is not true, the correct solution would be to test 
> the reference in the renderer and suppress it if within the UK. 

No it wouldn't.

First, C road refs break the on-the-ground rule as per above. Second, "don't
[mis]tag for the renderer" does not mean "make things gratuitously difficult
for the renderer". I think there's precisely one international OSM renderer
in the world that has different rendering rules for the UK compared to other
countries, and it's the one I run, cycle.travel. (Mapquest Open used to in
its previous incarnation.) If you think renderers are going to implement a
whole host of country-specific rules because people in the UK are determined
to misuse the user-facing 'ref' tag to hold non-user-facing refs, I have a
bridge to sell you.

This is long overdue. Thank you, Dave.


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