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Sat Aug 4 18:52:59 UTC 2018

On Saturday, 4 August 2018 10:56:19 IST Dave F wrote:
> > In my particular area I have people "helicopting in" to remove the C and U
> > numbers off the roads, just because they don't like the way it renders! 
> > But the fact is that none of the rural roads have signs giving the name,
> > so just because my local council can't agree on putting up signs on the
> > road I live on, it shouldn't have a name on OSM?
> The 'refs' are numerical numbers not the name. They aren't being removed
> from the database. The general belief is if they're not signed on the
> ground they shouldn't be rendered on the 'standard' map.
> It should be noted 'your' area does not have an air exclusion zone.
> DaveF

And what I'm saying is that the names are also not signed on the ground.  So 
in this case,are you saying these also shouldn't be rendered on the "standard" 
map either?

No, my area doesn't have an air exclusion zone, but I personally have put in 
considerable time and effort gathering the data to add into the database, and 
I don't appreciate it being removed by people who have absolutely no 
understanding of the situation "on the ground" here in Fermanagh.  I have also 
put a lot of effort into convincing local businesses and organisations to use 
OSM based on having the very features this thread proposes to remove!

The information has also helped prevent tourists/cyclists from getting lost in 
the area due to the lack of signposts.  A map with clearly marked C roads 
allows better route planning and also an indication of the road conditions 
likely to be encountered.  In general a C road indicates a road wide enough 
for two vehicles to pass by (mostly), compared to an unclassified road which 
are narrow, overgrown and basically should only be used for local access only.

Ok, let me give you an example of the lack of roadsigns here, this is a local 
crossroads.  All roads here have reference numbers and names.

Apologies for using Streetview, I am only using it to show you what is 
actually on the ground.  All  OSM data in the area was sourced by survey, 
local study, Bing or out-of-copyright maps obtained via OSMIE.


So I hear a urgent traffic update on the radio that there was a forest fire on 
the C425 Eshnadarragh Road and that the Fire Service have closed the road due 
to the pumping equipment needed to fight the fire.  Unfortunately, this is 
also the road I planned on taking to get to my B&B I'm staying at.  Using the 
signposts seen "on the ground", which road is closed?

This is the area on OSM:


Now there are lots of ways around this road closure, but the most logical one 
would be via an unclassified road.  But due to other road users also taking 
this U road, it would be an absolute nightmare if you kept meeting people on 
this type of road. You want to easily plot an alternative route, using C or 
better roads.

Here is an example of how local media give the data - http://

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