[Talk-GB] 'D' class roads references.

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Sun Aug 5 18:54:20 UTC 2018

Martin Wynne wrote:
> Google publishes a map for profit.
> Worcestershire County Council is paid for by me. And a few others.

Sure. The point is that copyright automatically subsists unless expressly

WCC has not expressly openly licensed this data. You can't just say "it's
publicly funded therefore I can copy it", as the Ordnance Survey would be at
pains to remind you.

If you want to copy C-road numbers from WCC (into a sensible tag, please,
not ref=) then you can approach WCC to license the information openly. In
all my dealings with them, albeit in a cycling rather than an OSM context,
I've found them to be a very forward-looking authority so I have no reason
to think they'd refuse. But until this or any other data is published under
a licence compatible with OSM, you can't just use public funding as
sufficient grounds for copying. Copyright doesn't work like that.


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