[Talk-GB] New Ghosts Set and Survey Me Auto-Location Feature

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Mon Aug 6 11:04:20 UTC 2018

Robert Whittaker (OSM lists) wrote:
> First there's a new set of objects in my "Ghosts" tool at
> https://osm.mathmos.net/ghosts/. There are 162 still-mapped 
> "Co-Op Pharmacy" branches, which should have been rebranded 
> to become "Well Pharmacy" branches now.

Not necessarily!

As you say, "The Co-operative Group sold their pharmacy business to the
Bestway Group in October 2014".

However, as you no doubt know, the perpetually crisis-stricken (Manchester)
Co-operative Group is one of several retail co-ops in the UK to use the
Co-operative name. Other co-ops continue to operate stores branded
Co-operative Pharmacy. I live almost opposite one such, operated by the
Midcounties Co-operative, and can testify it's still called that!

See https://www.cooppharmacy.coop/ .

(It looks like the East of England Co-op also operates a few pharmacies. I
haven't investigated further.)


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