[Talk-GB] 'C' class roads references.

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Wed Aug 8 11:13:05 UTC 2018

On 08/08/18 11:49, David Woolley wrote:
> I think people are overlooking the original use case for suppressing C 
> references, which was that they confused satellite navigator users. As I 
> pointed out before, this is really an attribute of the particular turn 
> onto the road, not the road itself.  The fact that a road (A, B, or C) 
> may have its reference displayed somewhere along it is not going to help 
> if someone approaching the turn cannot easily see that reference.

That is little different to being told to 'turn right into "this" road' 
where most of the time one can't see a road name. It is perhaps a matter 
of identifying just which turns have a visible sign and which do not, 
and that can often apply even to A roads? But even if there is no 
signage, giving some road details is better than a simple 'turn right'? 
Many of main link roads around here don't have names or numbers 
displayed, but one still use them to avoid several miles of 'detour' via 
primary roads because the sat nav does no accept them as a 'fast route'. 
OSMAnd is a sod for that problem :(

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