[Talk-GB] When is a hedge a wood?

Martin Wynne martin at templot.com
Sun Aug 26 19:35:17 UTC 2018

Rural boundaries can be extraordinarily difficult to map. For example, 
is this:


a) a fence,

b) a hedge,

c) a very narrow wood,

d) all three at the same time?

Is the area in front of it

a) grass,

b) highway,

c) both?

(Not mapping from Google, I walked along there recently.)

Often a wood adjoins an open area such as a water meadow. If there is a 
fence between them, the boundary is clear, even if the wood canopy 
overlaps into the meadow. If there isn't a fence, where do you put the 
boundary? The edge of the canopy? The line of tree trunks? Some 
imaginary line between the two?

Some trees are very large and their branches can extend a significant 
distance - across a river for example.



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