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Toby, I really think you need to read through the conversation archived at https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-gb/2018-August/thread.html and answer the points discussed there.

From: Toby Speight <T.M.Speight.90 at cantab.net>
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Subject: [Talk-GB] Road refs

Recently, all the tertiary roads in my region had their ref tags
removed, and replaced with "highways_authority_ref".  A week later the
unclassified and residential roads suffered similar attack.

* Who is supposed to benefit from hiding these data?
* Who is responsible for documenting what this tag means, and when it
  should be used in place of the standard tagging?  So far, there's no
  mention of it on its own tag wiki, nor on key:ref
* Who is responsible for coordinating the related changes to software -
  editors, renderers, converters and QA tools - that are required?  I
  see no sign of any of this having started.

In short, what's going on, what's wrong with the standard tagging, and
how can we get the data back where they belong?

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