[Talk-GB] Coastline and tidal rivers

David Groom reviews at pacific-rim.net
Tue Aug 28 11:09:47 UTC 2018

There is no consensus.

Personally I'm not in favour of the view that any body of water which is 
tidal should be bounded by a way tagged as coastline.

Reasons for this

1) Ask any one who lives in say central London "do you live on the 
coast" or do you live beside a river", most would I'm sure say beside a 
river, so surely our data should reflect that.  I think this probably is 
what you mean by "seems more natural"

2)  In part because the converse is not true, we bound large non tidal 
water areas as coastline

3) If knowledge that a body of water is tidal is important it can be 
tagged "tidal = yes"


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That old chestnut again...

There seems to be an open discussion about how far up a river the 
natural=coastline should go. The wiki suggests the coastline should be 
the high water line going up to the tidal limit (often a lock or a wier) 
but this can be a substantial distance inland. This is AIUI the general 
scientific approach.

There has been some discussion in the past about letting the coastline 
cut across the river at some convenient point, possibly because it 
"looks better" or "seems more natural" or "is less work."

I looked at a few rivers along the south coast to see how they had been 
tagged and it seems most have the coastline up to the tidal limit. 
However the coastline around the mouth of the Dart has recently been 
modified to cut across the mouth, and Salcombe Harbour is also mapped 
this way.

Is there a consensus for a particular definition of "coastline" in tidal 
estuaries? Should we try to keep a consistent paradigm, or doesn't it 

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