[Talk-GB] Road refs

Toby Speight T.M.Speight.90 at cantab.net
Wed Aug 29 19:32:32 UTC 2018

0> In article <1535456684095-0.post at n8.nabble.com>,
0> Richard Fairhurst <URL:mailto:richard at systemed.net> ("Richard") wrote:

Richard> Toby Speight wrote:
>> Who is responsible for coordinating the related changes to software -
>> editors, renderers, converters and QA tools - that are required?  I
>> see no sign of any of this having started.

Richard> No changes are required to core OSM software, but if your own
Richard> niche requires a map on which C-road refs are displayed (and I
Richard> recognise you from the SABRE forums, so I guess that might be
Richard> the case ;) ) I'd be more than happy to help you and/or others
Richard> set up a server to do that. I'm sure there are other people
Richard> here who'd extend the same offer of help.

Interesting that you say there's a "niche" where road refs should be
displayed; I consider it a "niche" that wants them hidden.  I don't see
that we have to mis-tag them all to have them hidden - I can see it
would be useful to have a map with less clutter, but it shouldn't be
hard to do that without having to mangle the underlying OSM database!

Yes, I appreciate that if the highways_authority_ref were documented and
somehow agreed to be correct, then for mkgmap it would be a simple
matter of "add ref ${highways_authority_ref};" near the beginning; it
would be a bit harder to get a workable tag template for Merkaartor, but
tools like KeepRight and Geofabrik QA aren't so easily adjusted, and
unlikely to adopt new tagging until it's at least documented.

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