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According to a horse riding friend this would most commonly be known as a “mounting block” in UK.

It seems people are more likely to need to them to get on a horse rather than off.

The only recent occasion I have seen them on a bridleway was a new dedicated bridleway bridge (not much wider than a foot bridge) over a railway line.  I suspect it was stipulated by the planning authority for safety reasons.


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Wikipedia calls them "mounting blocks" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mounting_block

Mounting block - Wikipedia<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mounting_block>
A mounting block, horse block, or in Scots a loupin'-on stane is an assistance for mounting and dismounting a horse or cart, especially for women, the young, the elderly or the infirm.

I spotted a new ish concrete one the other day which had an official looking "horse riders may mount here" sign above it, but I don't think those signs are in the HM Sign Manual.  I prefer "mount" to "dismount" and it might reflect the intended purpose of it, it's easier to fall off than climb on the beasts!

Going back to the wikipedia page, these block steps are not only horse specific, but could have been used to get into carts and buggies, too.


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On 27/08/18 23:28, Andy Townsend wrote:
On 27/08/18 13:32, Edward Catmur wrote:
amenity=horse_dismount_block has 4 occurrences, all in the north of England.

I think I'm responsible for half of those - happy to pick a different tag if someone's got a better idea!

There are actually a selection of tags used for this sort of thing:

-- Horse mounting blocks
   if (( keyvalues["amenity"]   == "mounting_block"       ) or
       ( keyvalues["bridleway"] == "mounting_block"       ) or
       ( keyvalues["historic"]  == "mounting_block"       ) or
       ( keyvalues["horse"]     == "mounting_block"       ) or
       ( keyvalues["horse"]     == "mounting block"       ) or
       ( keyvalues["amenity"]   == "mounting_step"        ) or
       ( keyvalues["amenity"]   == "mounting_steps"       ) or
       ( keyvalues["amenity"]   == "horse_dismount_block" )) then
      keyvalues["man_made"] = "mounting_block"


all very low usage.

horse=* is used as an access thing .. so I'd not encourage its use for other things.
e.g. there exists horse=dismount .. I think that means the rider must get off the horse to proceed .. an access condition, not a facility to assist dismounting.

I'll raise it on the tagging list and see what they come up with.
My personal preference at the moment is for man_made=mounting_steps. But that is just me.

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