[Talk-GB] un-named roads in UK

Mark Goodge mark at good-stuff.co.uk
Fri Aug 31 15:02:52 UTC 2018

On 31/08/2018 15:30, Steve Doerr wrote:
> On 30/08/2018 22:26, Mark Goodge wrote:
>> It was incredibly confusing to visitors, as the hamlet was nowhere 
>> near the post town. So we inserted "near [parish name]" as the second 
>> line, when giving the address. 
> Off-topic, but the Royal Mail have long discouraged the use of 'Near', 
> but they do allow the use of 'Via'.

I know. But they're not equivalent. Just because a location is "near" a 
named place, that does not make it necessary or desirable to travel 
"via" that place to get there. And, since the problem is created by 
Royal Mail's suboptimal approach to postal addresses in rural areas, we 
didn't feel in any way obliged to follow their preferences in the 
matter. The post always got to us anyway; it was non-RM deliveries that 
were the issue.

These days, of course, it wouldn't really matter. Nobody uses the full 
postal address to locate a destination, they just plug the postcode into 
their satnav or other mapping application and then just use the street 
part of the address for the final leg if necessary.


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