[Talk-GB] Problematic edits to access and oneway tags

Will Phillips wp4587 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 14:24:55 UTC 2018

Over the last two days there have been a series of edits with users 
removing or changing access and oneway tags. Around Nottingham the 
quality of these edits has been very poor with 6 of the 7 changesets 
appearing to remove or change accurate information. My impression is 
that some sort of validation tool is being used and tags are being 
indiscriminately changed to make supposed 'errors' go away.

The editors making these changes are operating across the world, so they 
are unlikely to be using any local knowledge. Three of the edits in 
Nottingham have targeted areas where recent highway alterations have 
been made. These areas have already been at least partially updated by 
local mappers on the ground. It's disappointing to see this survey data 
being fouled up.

The purpose of this message is mostly to suggest other mappers might 
wish to check areas they are familiar with to see whether similar 
problematic edits have been made.

Also, does anyone know which validation tool is being used and whether 
these are paid mappers? The 7 changes around Nottingham have been made 
by 5 different editors all operating in a very similar way. None of them 
has yet responded to changeset comments.


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