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Hi all,

Recap: The Ordnance Survey are working with the new Geospatial Commission
on opening up access to more of their data.

Today this email landed in OSM UK's inbox (you too can subscribe for
updates). It is a tad confusing because there are releasing things under
two different routes (free up to a threshold, and fully free under OGL open
data licence). This is explained on their website [1] but hidden under a
FAQ. Here is the text:

OS MasterMap will be made available for free, up to a threshold, through an
API. This will include:

   - OS MasterMap Topography Layers, including building heights and
   functional sites
   - OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer
   - OS MasterMap Highways Network
   - OS MasterMap Water Network Layer
   - OS Detailed Path Network

In addition, key parts of Ordnance Survey's highly detailed OS MasterMap
are being made completely open under Open Government Licence (OGL). This

   - Property extents derived from OS MasterMap Topography Layer
   - Spatial identifiers:
      - OS MasterMap Topography Layer TOIDs (Topographic Object
      Identifiers) will be incorporated into the features in OS Open Map-Local.
      - Over the next 12 months the Geospatial Commission will work with
      GeoPlace, LGA, the Improvement Service (on behalf of Scottish Local
      Government), and OS to investigate how best to open up the key
      UPRN and USRN, together with their respective geometries, for
the whole of
      Great Britain under OGL terms. Due to the importance of these identifiers
      this will need to be done in a such a way that protects the integrity and
      authority of these identifiers. A way to give both businesses and public
      sector organisations the confidence to continue to rely on these within
      their own products and services, without restricting their ability to use
      and benefit from them.

UPRN = Unique Property Reference Number
USRN = Unique *street* reference number

Clearly we feel that "free and without restriction" is not compatible with
free open data and that they should be going further with their OGL
release. This is something we will be feeding back. I encourage you to do
the same if time and/or business interest allows.

They also link to the Geospatial Commission consultation, something that we
are well into writing an answer. You can continue to feed back via OSM UK,
or you can submit your own response.



-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Open MasterMap progress since Policy Announcement
Date: 2018-10-12 15:04
From: "OrdnanceSurvey at connect.os.uk" <OrdnanceSurvey at connect.os.uk>

An update on Open MasterMap Open MasterMap progress since Policy
announcement Following the Open MasterMap Policy announcement in June by
Cabinet Office, Ordnance Survey set up the Open MasterMap Implementation
Programme (OMMIP) to successfully deliver the elements of the announcement

An update on Open MasterMap
Open MasterMap progress since Policy announcement

Following the Open MasterMap Policy announcement in June by Cabinet Office,
Ordnance Survey set up the *Open MasterMap Implementation Programme (OMMIP)
*to successfully deliver the elements of the announcement
OS is responsible for. We have continued to work closely with the Geospatial
an expert committee within the Cabinet Office, on delivery plans, and we
are now in a position where we can start to share more of the proposed
Outputs for your information and feedback.

*Details of the proposed 'Utility' APIs and a summary of the proposed
delivery plan can be found on our website >*

We believe that the APIs we're proposing will ensure that users have better
access to our world class mapping and geospatial data, but we'd welcome
your feedback on these. We have also shared the summary of our proposed
delivery plan in order to demonstrate several things:

   1. Our approach to delivery will be collaborative in nature, i.e.
   co-design principles of user testing will influence Outputs
   2. Outputs will be delivered throughout the programme, rather than a

We're currently working with the Geospatial Commission to agree the more
detailed delivery plan.

Who is involved in the Open MasterMap Implementation Programme?

We have formed a Customer Advisory Group which is providing external
feedback on all of the proposed items, made up of a cross-section of
organisations. This Group has been created to provide feedback and help to
steer and shape OMMIP, ensuring most value for the intended audience of the

We have also been working with the Geospatial Commission, GeoPlace, the
LGA, and Improvement Service (on behalf of Scottish Local Government) to
investigate opening up the key identifiers UPRN and USRN, together with
their respective geometries, for the whole of Great Britain under OGL
terms. We are keen to know what you plan to do with the data and welcome
your input on the potential use cases that this would deliver. This
will ensure the associated future sample data will meet as many of the use
cases as possible, if wider than those stated in the evidence collected in
Cabinet Office's policy work.

*You can use this short form to send us your feedback >*

Finally, over 800 people have already taken part in the OS Open Zoomstack
trial. We've been hugely encouraged by the engagement and feedback (with
our favourite being: "this is a gamechanger. Zoomstack is beautiful") and
would encourage all new and existing users to continue to feedback
(constructively) through the additional stages of OMMIP.

We are committed to evolving our products and services.

Our aim is to be collaborative in implementing the OMMIP, we look to share
data, services and materials with you ahead of full launch through a series
of trials – which will focus on Accessibility, Interoperability and
Discoverability of our world class data.

*There is more information on the programme's objectives on our website >*

You'll be able to sign up for trials that you're interested in and give us
your feedback through a new Open MasterMap testing section on our website.

Up and coming trials will be focused on:

   - Enhanced mapping datasets
   - Improved access platform
   - Identifiers
   - Accessible licensing

You can get involved now.

It's important to us that people support our implementation activity and
provide feedback on developments, ensuring that we deliver what you and
your customers want in alignment with the Open MasterMap announcement.

You hold valuable information on how customers want to use and access the
data and services and are key to understanding what is needed from the new
offerings. We will be in touch next month with details of how to join the
testing community, but in the meantime you can pre-register by visiting

Finally, the Geospatial Commission's Call for Evidence
is live until 24 October so you have ashort amount of time left to respond.
We're keen that as many people as possible respond to this to ensure that
the Geospatial Commission is able to take into account the wide range of
views in seting the UK's geospatial future.

Ordnance Survey Limited
Registered Office: Explorer House, Adanac Drive, Southampton, SO16 0AS
Registration Number: 09121572

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