[Talk-GB] RFC: Solar panel mapping in the UK

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You are indeed right. Tagging for ground-based solar farms is varied. I am
currently collecting them at
reforming the tagging and building up a tagging scheme in the process.

Use of a relation echoes that of a wind farm, which is a special case
object made up of individual nodes (turbines), ways (substation), and lines
(access tracks). The gaps in-between turbines are not physically part of
the wind farm. A solar farm relation could be replaced with a boundary
fence if one exists, with the blocks of panels as generators and the
overall relation/boundary as power:plant.

or you could be as detailed as our German colleagues.....

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> On 03/04/2019 17:23, Dan S wrote:
> > * The tagging is already pretty well-defined.
> This would be a great project, however I think there's some confusion in
> the tagging which requires agreeing/clarifying.
> Most solar rural solar farms are on arable land. There's usually a
> boundary fence around the whole site. There are usually 'blocks' formed
> from numerous rows of panels. There can be multiple blocks, often one
> per field.
> Does a solar farm require a power=plant around the perimeter boundary?
> (no fill or border render, but the name is displayed in the 'standard'
> render)
> Does power=plant require a landuse=industrial tag (which does fill render)
> Where should the power=generator tag be placed? On the individual blocks
> or on the perimeter boundary?
> or, as in this detailed example, on individual panel rows?
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/654070917
> Similarly where should 'plant:output:electricity' go?
> (There's another example, which I'm unable to locate at present, which
> had the power output on each row).
> State side example:
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/340809071#map=18/33.30652/-112.83771&layers=D
> Note they're tagged as buildings, & include the address!
> Some UK examples have collected 'blocks' into a relation.
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/9291197
> If there's a boundary around them all I feel this that is unnecessary as
> OSM is geospatially aware. Similar to the schools project, any object
> within the amenity=school boundary is assumed to be part of the school.
> DaveF
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