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Wed Apr 10 21:29:16 UTC 2019

Hi all,

Been watching the thread on Solar. A couple of comments.

1 Boundaries.
As the image (linked to below) from a WPD public webinar shows it is not
easy to map separate solar sites based in a single location. No way to tell
which panels belong to which site from aerial imagery alone.


2 Data
The Renewable Energy Planning Database is one source of info. The
government have outsourced the task of tracking the growth of renewables to
the company listed on the file. They look at planning applications and
speak with developers. The capacity data is not always right as a developer
may change their plans. Also there are cases where some Wind sites are
split into 2 as the cross an admin boundary. In reality it is one Wind Farm

Other, potentially more useful sources are the Renewable Obligation
register (the register by which subsidies are paid) which includes
generating station address. For smaller sites the equivalent is the Feed In
Tarriff data. This incudes the first part of the postcode and the LSOA (ONS
area). Finally there is REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees Origin). This is
the database to large sites register on if they want to sell renewable
energy to a supplier and the supplier wants proof it is coming from a
renewable source. Like the RO it has generating station address.


Best regards,
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