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Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Mon Apr 15 09:51:40 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

With spring here and the footpath mapping season underway, I thought I'd give a quick update on MapThePaths (www.mapthepaths.org.uk).

Firstly, in response to an earlier request, I have added a facility to customise the colours of the different types of right of way.

Secondly I have updated the OGL council list (only two, Herefordshire and Dorset).

Thirdly, there is now a MapThePaths Android app available as a pre-release, beta version on Google Play. This allows you to view council and OSM data in the field while walking, and also (if logged into OSM with your normal account) allows you to live-edit the designation of paths.

There is also an (experimental, use with caution) feature to perform a GPS survey (selecting the right of way designation and path type as you go) and auto-create appropriately-tagged OSM ways from it. These auto-created ways are auto-connected with existing OSM data where possible. However - do use with caution (and the app tells you this when uploading), the auto-created ways may be subject to artefacts from GPS inaccuracy and therefore you should refine with JOSM or a similar editor after uploading. To help you, the app gives you the option to upload your full GPX trace to OSM as well as the auto-created ways.

As the app is a pre-release, you have to search for its app id, "uk.org.mapthepaths.android" on Google Play, to find it. Or, direct link:


Would be great to get feedback on the app from MapThePaths users who would like to use something similar in-the-field.

In terms of future plans for the actual website, I had one request a couple of months back for a way-splitting feature,  for use in cases where part of an existing OSM way is along a RoW and part isn't. Apologies for the delay on this up to now (I've been focusing on Hokar, my AR project) I'm hoping to implement this soon (late April/early May) all being well.



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