[Talk-GB] Mapping a combined stile and gate?

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I recently found this gate which I think everyone walks around, but I'll probably map it as on the route of the footpath when I get around to looking through all the photos from that day. https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/w2kvnsbGoKkhgIKFMsksLg
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I will often map both the track through the gate & the path over the stile. It's usually a matter of judgement as to whether the line of the PRoW should go over the stile or through the gate. It's not unusual to find a moribund stile in such circumstances, which I map as a standalone node. Keeping all the information is, I think, useful. Landowners change usage, or ownership changes with accordingly different attitudes to PRoWs, so there's no guarantee that a route will go through the gate in a few years time.

As usual, don't worry about how it looks on Carto-CSS: they can't solve very rendering problem, and having both gate & stile visible is useful for people updating the data. Specialist use for walking could choose to omit the non-PRoW elements, or otherwise generalise the data (not widely done yet, but something which is generally needed as OSM becomes more detailed).


On Mon, 22 Apr 2019 at 13:45, Martin Wynne <martin at templot.com<mailto:martin at templot.com>> wrote:
Often in my travels I come across something like this:



Should this be mapped as a stile or a gate? Or both side by side?

If the latter, which node should the way be connected to?

It's a public right of way on foot, and walkers need to know that they
must climb a stile if the gate is locked. But if you "map what you see
on the ground" (which is the supposed golden rule), it is simply a track
passing through a gate.

If I split the way in two, and have a short section of footpath passing
over a stile *and* a track passing through a gate, it looks daft on the
map, as if there is a Clapham Junction in the middle of a grassy field.

And if I do that, is it essential to split out the short bit of the
track through the gate, from which the public right-of-way designation
(and ref number) is removed?



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