[Talk-GB] Mapping a combined stile and gate?

Roger Calvert jrogercalvert at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 14:34:18 UTC 2019

The Lake District National Park instructions to footpath surveyors 

"Where there are two items of furniture for the same crossing (for 
example, a gate and a stile alongside each other), then it is the one 
highest up the hierarchy .. or the one definitely on the definitive 
line, that is the most important."

The gate is higher in their hierarchy than the stile, and thus would 
normally be considered to be the one on the PROW where there is doubt 
about the definitive line.


On 22/04/2019 13:43, Martin Wynne wrote:
> Often in my travels I come across something like this:
>  http://85a.uk/stile_gate2_1280x720.jpg
>  http://85a.uk/stile_gate_1280x720.jpg
> Should this be mapped as a stile or a gate? Or both side by side?
> If the latter, which node should the way be connected to?
> It's a public right of way on foot, and walkers need to know that they 
> must climb a stile if the gate is locked. But if you "map what you see 
> on the ground" (which is the supposed golden rule), it is simply a 
> track passing through a gate.
> If I split the way in two, and have a short section of footpath 
> passing over a stile *and* a track passing through a gate, it looks 
> daft on the map, as if there is a Clapham Junction in the middle of a 
> grassy field.
> And if I do that, is it essential to split out the short bit of the 
> track through the gate, from which the public right-of-way designation 
> (and ref number) is removed?
> thanks,
> Martin.
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