[Talk-GB] TfL cycle data published

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Thu Aug 1 20:28:50 UTC 2019

On Thu, 1 Aug 2019, Rob Nickerson wrote:

> The email below is from TfL announcing the release of the cycle data. I'm 
> copying in Martin to this email as he was working on this Talent 
> Directory project so can hopefully provide a comment on the licence.

Thanks - Rob. Will be e-mailing tomorrow to give updated info on the 
license - there have been various discussions over the last month on this, 
which I will report back on.

> Taking a look myself it is an OGL v2 licence which is good. TfL muddy the 
> water slightly in that they are applying the licence to data obtainable 
> via an API. They therefore include statements about it being the users 
> responsibility to check the page for updates to the licence and that by 
> running a new API call you are accepting the new licence. For us I think 
> we are fine in that we download the data once (rather than regularly via 
> their API) and the licence when you download it grants perpetual use.
> OGL v2 can sometimes suffer from it's clause about not covering third 
> party rights the data provider is not entitled to provide (e.g. Royal 
> Mail Postcodes) but a previous (off list) chat with Martin suggested we 
> are ok on that front.

Yep, again I'll update on that tomorrow. It is looking good to me, but I'm 
seeking a definitive view from the OSMF LWG now that I've obtained full 
details of the provenance of the data. This has taken a bit longer than 

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