[Talk-GB] drawing internal parts of buildings

BD dzidek23 at tlen.pl
Thu Jan 3 23:30:01 UTC 2019

Hi all and Happy New Year,   I was trying to capture Peterborough's Serpentine Green shopping centre with all of its internal segments.  And those are the results:  www.openstreetmap.org www.openstreetmap.org   Yes, I guess some of you will spot that there are no (visible) parts to the shop. Well yes, but I did spent some time and now would like to ask for your advise before more time is waisted.   Firstly, I would like to avoid mapping this building with separate building objects as this is one large shop. So solution like this is not going to satisfy my requirements ;)   www.openstreetmap.org www.openstreetmap.org   Please tell me how can I get something like St. Jude Church layout from Google on OSM.   www.google.com www.google.com   Many thanks,  dzidek23
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