[Talk-GB] Mapping Mobility Stockport

Jez Nicholson jez.nicholson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 18:11:38 UTC 2019

Seeking your input...

I'm talking with Open Data Institute (ODI) Manchester about their "Mapping
Mobility Stockport" project which won some funding in a competition to
encourage interaction between public bodies and Open Data bodies (such as

They are "crowdsourcing and creating an accessibility map of Stockport,
working with disability action groups and Age UK."

They will be running workshops with different groups of people getting them
out mapping. Data created will 1) be added to Stockport Council’s GIS map
and to help inform them of problems, 2) be added to OSM....although they
are keen to use OSM as the primary datastore then extract stuff for use by
the Council, and not vice versa. They will mostly be using existing tools.

I believe that some mobility things are suited for inclusion in OSM,  e.g.
number of steps in a flight (from a chat I had with SK53), or wheelchair
accessibility of shops (maybe using WheelMap).

Some things like uneven paving stones might be better suited to
FixMyStreet, but that could be used as well.

So far I've suggested using a combination of OSM ID Editor, WheelMap, and
FixMyStreet. What other tools or information on the web are there to
consider? Any specific mobility things to map (on OSM or other
tools/sites)? Is there an "accessibility render" anywhere?

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