[Talk-GB] Property extents

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jan 10 11:38:40 UTC 2019


On 10.01.19 01:18, Warin wrote:
> Even if it were open .. does OSM want it?

Parcel boundaries have generally been undesirable in OSM in the past,
mostly because to a lack of on-the-ground verifiability. The advice has
always been: If there's a fence, map the fence, not the boundary. If
there's no fence, then you don't know there's a boundary.

If someone needs the boundaries they can use them them from the open
data source themselves.

That doesn't mean that people have not imported parcels of course. I
think that in a discussion on talk-us, someone once claimed that it can
be important to know for a rambler if they're on public or private land
because they're more likely to get shot on private land. Hope this is
not so much of a concern in the UK ;)


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