[Talk-GB] Lees Footpath mapping: results

Nick Whitelegg nick.whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
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Not related to the mapping party... but have just found a bug in MapThePaths which prevented the permalink feature working correctly, so the link in Jerry's message didn't take you to the right area.

I've fixed this now, so the link should take you to the area Jerry's talking about.

Apologies for the bug!


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Dear All,

I think we had a successful day last Saturday. I've added various snippets on the wiki page of what was surveyed and what has got into OSM<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Nottingham/Mapping_Meetup/New_Year_2019#What_got_mapped> so far:

If you look at Map the Paths<http://www.mapthepaths.org.uk/?lat=52.9060257176943&lon=-1.6174528093340328&zoom=0>, there is still a big patch of virgin territory to the immediate W of the area we focused on this time. I think I'm right is saying that this is the largest patch of unmapped footpaths near the big cities of the East Midlands.

I may suggest another day perhaps in March. There is a pub in Long Lane which is a bit closer as a meeting point, and maybe The Ostrich is still open too. A couple of people asked about public transport, but I'm afraid the area has next to no bus service which is probably one reason it hasn't been explored by OSMers. However, lifts can be arranged from Derby station (and possibly others) from one of the regular participants.


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