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I've added a "citation needed".

AFAIK it may only become apparent when you try to sell your house. It is
one of the checks that is made by a conveyancer. It depends how strongly
they like to apply the rules. One of those things that could slow down a
house purchase.....but you are quite right people either don't know or
ignore it....or it is no longer a requirement.

On Mon, 14 Jan 2019 at 11:06 David Woolley <forums at david-woolley.me.uk>

> On 14/01/2019 09:03, Jez Nicholson wrote:
> > I have summarised this discussion at
> >
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Property_extents_in_the_United_Kingdom
> >
> "A property owner is legally required to maintain property boundaries
> such as fences. This is intended to minimise disputes. So, being able to
> manually survey a reasonable property extent is feasible."
> That is either not true, or the law has fallen into disrepute.  With the
> car parkification of front yards, boundary features in front yards are a
> dying species.  That definitely applies to the private/adopted land
> boundary, but also commonly applies to neighbouring properties.
> Boundaries of properties fronted on roads technically extend to the
> middle of the road, at least for residential roads, and I have never see
> those marked.
> Private/adopted boundaries are often very difficult to see in shopping
> areas, such that most people think that environmental crime is the
> responsibility of the council when it is actually on the shop forecourt,
> and the responsibility of shopowner.  The boundaries between private
> forecourts of shops can be even more difficult to see there may be a
> change in surface, or a single line of block paving at the adopted land
> boundary, but not between shops.
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