[Talk-GB] Dropped or lowered kerbs

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 19:10:34 UTC 2019

Hi Andy,

It somewhat depends on what you are trying to map.

The kerb=* tag on the wiki page you linked to is for when mapping a
crossing. As shown on the second example on the page. you would create a
way that runs perpendicular to the highway at the point where a footpath
(or cyclepath) crosses the road. Add a crossing tag at the point where the
footway (or cycleway) intersects the road. Then add a node on the footway
(or cycleway) at the kerb and add the appropriate tag (kerb=lowered,

The barrier=kerb tag in JOSM is when you want to map the kerbside. You draw
this parallel to the road and add barrier=kerb to the way to indicate that
this is the kerb. If you like, you can then add height=* to the way.

I would suggest doing the former and skipping the latter unless you are
intending to create a super detail map (e.g. when mapping roads as areas
rather than just centre lines).

Of course the issue here is that, even the former suggests that you are
mapping the pavements parallel to the way as footways. Quite often we don't
bother adding that level of detail. I guess in that case you could just add
the kerb=lowered tag to the highway=crossing node (assuming it is a lowered
kerb on both sides of the road).

Best regards,
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