[Talk-GB] Tagging post towns and other addressing issues in the UK

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Jan 28 17:28:22 UTC 2019

On 28/01/2019 15:31, Tom Hughes wrote:
>> The notion that I should tag addresses in Charlbury with 
>> "addr:city=Chipping
>> Norton", a town 6 miles away, just because one private delivery 
>> operator[1]
>> uses Chipping Norton as an optional part of their addressing is... one of
>> the more outlandish ideas I've heard in OSM tagging circles, and that's
>> saying a lot.
> To be fair "addr:city=Chipping Norton" would be outlandish even for
> an address *in* Chipping Norton...

'city' has always been the wrong title for the field across every 
system, but it is consistent and as far as I am concerned it is the name 
of the primary location, be it 'Birmingham', 'Chipping Norton' or 
'Saintbury'. It does away with the need to make any decision on the 
'size' of the place. That additional places can be added to location to 
more accurately identify it depends on the application, so addr: may 
consist of a lot more elements than we currently cater for anyway.

The reality is that for the UK ALL we need is the Postcode to supply a 
reference to the Royal Mail 'postal address' as that is purely a Royal 
Mail invention anyway.  I personally don't see the need to add 
'addr:street' everywhere but that is what people seem to prefer. Adding 
several more addr: fields to EVERY building is just taking things too far?

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