[Talk-GB] Checking UK Towns

Gregory Marler info at nomoregrapes.com
Wed Jan 30 15:08:05 UTC 2019

You might spot my recent map edits with a changeset such as...
"*Checking data and relations for towns in Lincolnshire. This changeset
forms part of paid work to improve OpenStreetMap data. #UKTownCheck

A small amount of my time has been funded by Open Cage Data to check towns
in the UK. Ideally it should be possible to get a town as both a node and a
I've been going through a list of towns where this isn't the case. I've
been doing a single county per changeset to avoid it being a mess to follow.

In a lot of cases the towns nicely relate to parish wards (admin_level=10).
Sometimes I just need to add the town node as an admin_centre member of the
relation. Other times the "outer" parts of the relation are not in order.
In some cases, the town has a distinct area but not a simple parish ward
(the previous parish might have ceased to be). I have created some
relations with boundary=place, place=town, admin_level=11.
I've even found some town nodes that are complete tagging for the renderer.
They should have been something like place=suburb.

So far it's been very insightful to do this for several areas around the
UK. I don't think I'll manage the whole country within the funded time. I
intended to properly report on what i've done and what I've found.


Gregory Marler
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