[Talk-GB] Dropped or lowered kerbs

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Thu Jan 31 17:04:43 UTC 2019

On 31/01/2019 10:33, Andy Mabbett wrote:
> I am looking to tag dropped kerbs in two circumstances; in places that
> look like this:
>     https://goo.gl/maps/UnBiAsxgCFR2
> Sometimes, there are two crossings adjacent, or nearly adjacent,
> making a place convenient as an informal crossing point for
> wheelchairs, pushchairs, barrows, etc.
> Often, however, there is a dropped kerb on one side, but not the
> other, That's still useful info someone needs to drop off a wheelchair
> user, for example.

Footway crossovers can be legally blocked by permission of the occupier 
of the property for which they were provided.  Also they are not 
necessarily in places where it would be safe for a pedestrian to cross.

I'd suggest this is overmapping, and any attempt to map a pedestrian 
crossing at the point would be subjective.

Dropped kerbs for pedestrians are placed at safe places, albeit 
generally only near junctions, and it is illegal to block them.

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