[Talk-GB] Importing NaPTAN Data

Silent Spike silentspike100 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 15:02:08 UTC 2019

Hey folks,

I'm interested in importing NaPTAN bus stop data (
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/NaPTAN/Import) specifically for my area
of the UK (Aberdeen).

As far as I can tell, some progress was made previously on importing NaPTAN
data for specific areas of the UK. However, the process for requesting an
import on the wiki seems to have broken down somewhere along the line and I
believe the python script mentioned on the wiki is outdated.

I went ahead and wrote a 5 minute python 3 script to convert the NaPTAN csv
bus stops file into OSM XML which I can import using JOSM. I'm splitting
the data into files by local area - here's an example of an area I'm
familiar with (https://i.imgur.com/xE7TF2c.png) where you can see the
import data (blue) line up well with the existing data (black).

My plan for conflation was basically to do it by hand since I'm familiar
with the area and can take my time to do each local area individually.
However, I could probably also set up some data matching by checking the
stop names and offsets of existing data.

As for tagging, I'm unsure what the current status is regarding the
`naptan:` namespace. Looking at those tags, they all seem pretty useless to
me (except `naptan:AtcoCode` as an identifier). Currently I'm just using
roadside bus stops marked with a shelter or pole and following the PTv2
scheme to tag them as `highway=bus_stop`, `public_transport_platform` and

If anyone has any suggestions or input please let me know! Obviously I
won't be importing anything without some community approval first.
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