[Talk-GB] Mapillary geoJSON data

Gareth L o.i at LIVE.CO.UK
Thu Jul 4 09:39:01 UTC 2019

Mapillary imagery is readily available in the iD editor and also the traffic sign detections data that they derive from it. Their computer vision efforts also detect a plethora of other items, to varying levels of accuracy on detection and triangulation.
They recently wrote a blog post about how they allow access to the data sets derived from the imagery, which is free for non-commercial direct to OSM use, although they charge it out to other companies.

The blog post is https://blog.mapillary.com/update/2019/05/23/map-features-in-openstreetmap.html which also explains how to access it in GeoJSON form or using pic4review.
And the item detections that they support are listed here: https://www.mapillary.com/developer/api-documentation/#points

As mapillary’s content gets older, i believe it’s possible to request the results from only imagery in a specified time period, hopefully eliminating stale results.

The blog post does say that they’re trialling parts of the data with certain osm communities before making it more widely available for OSM contributors. At the moment, specific geoJSON data needs to be requested through an organization account.

I personally found the pic4review task which helped refine tags for benches having a backrest very satisfying.

What specific use cases can you think of for this?

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