[Talk-GB] Importing NaPTAN Data [Thread 2]

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On Fri, Jul 5, 2019 at 1:33 PM Stuart Reynolds <
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> what did you have in mind? To the end-user of the data (i.e. someone
> wanting to know about where to catch the bus) this is absolutely critical.
> For example, in my previous post I face a suggestion of “Stuart Close”
> with an indicator of “adj”. There would usually be a second stop of the
> same common name, Stuart Close, perhaps with the indicator “opp”. Without
> understanding the NaPTAN schema, “app Stuart Close” and “adj Stuart Close”
> are understandable and are service direction dependent.

Well I was just thinking they're often descriptive abbreviations (and
admittedly aren't hard to deduce) with limited possible values as per the
NaPTAN schema. However, if it's just following the NaPTAN schema is there a
point in including it in OSM if that data is available and more up to date
there? While tags such as the stop name have corresponding tags in OSM
which have use to consumers who are not strictly following the NaPTAN

I'm certainly not against it's inclusion and would defer to your opinion
that it's useful data.
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