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I meant that OSM does not have an agreed way of tagging MLWS or MLW.  


On 13/07/2019 20:53, Colin Smale wrote:
> On 2019-07-13 21:33, Tony Shield wrote:
>> Hi
>> Personally think that High Water Mark and Low Water Mark are very 
>> relevant to people and to OSM.
>> Yeah - tides are a nuisance and can never be predicted with total 
>> accuracy and with Global Warming HWM and LWM will change over time. 
>> Then there are Highest and Lowest Astronomical Tides, and then tides 
>> which increase or decrease according to weather conditions (pressure 
>> and wind) (New Orleans tonight is a good example). There are probably 
>> a few others which I have forgotten....
>> Knowing the inter-tidal area at Hunstanton is important, as are those 
>> in Morecambe Bay and the River Dee(North Wales/England)  where paths 
>> cross the area.
>> How many beaches are there on the Thames? and what is the inter-tidal 
>> ground like - sand, shingle, mud . . . .And what and where  is the 
>> access? These questions are what OSM is about.
>> The OS recognises this and on their maps marks the coastline/MHW with 
>> a dense line, but not on non-tidal waters.
>> OSM needs the equivalent of MLW - as far as I know its not defined 
>> (and I do not feel competent to define) - and I think that Borbus is 
>> on the good path.
> What exactly do you mean by MLW not being defined? Do you mean that 
> there is not a robust definition of the concept? Or that it is 
> difficult to establish the exact line of MLW?
> Another reason to want MLW in OSM: The "Extent of the Realm" is *for 
> the most part* defined as MLWS. This is the limit of the jurisdiction 
> of normal (local) government. Beyond MLWS, the local council no longer 
> has any say - it's the UK laws of the sea, as applicable to 
> territorial waters.
> I agree that Borbus is doing good things!
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