[Talk-GB] Automated Code-Point Open postcode editing (simple cases only)

ndrw6 ndrw6 at redhazel.co.uk
Tue Jul 16 21:19:04 UTC 2019


Over past several months I've been adding postcodes from Code-Point 
Open. I've streamlined the procedure a bit, so I can now add the tags 
without spelling out every single one of them, but it is still a manual 
and labour intensive process:


While working on that, I've noticed there are a lot of simple cases 
where automatic collation would have produced very similar results. For 
example, in case of existing OSM buildings without an addr:postcode tag 
located at or very near to a Code-Point Open centroid.

Therefore I'm requesting permission to use the following automated edit 

1. Open an osm file containing missing postcodes (from the above 
website) in jOSM

1a. Select all points from the above dataset

2. Download OSM data in the area of interest

2a. Select all ways with a "building" tag of typical residential house 
size and without an "addr:postcode" tag (search phrase: 'building 
-"addr:postcode" type:way areasize:50-1000')

3. Use a collation plugin to collate both datasets with "centroid 
distance" set to "< 15m". The condition is there to apply postcodes only 
to small buildings in direct vicinity of the codepoint centroid.

There are some caveats I've noticed, often not different from manual 

a) Some buildings have addresses added as separate points rather than 
tags (automated edit will add addr:postcode tags directly to the 
building, this is what I chose to do manually as well)

b) Collation plugin doesn't support relations (these postcodes will get 
ignored and can be added later manually)

c) Often OSM buildings contain multiple addresses or postcodes and 
should be split into several buildings or building parts. This affects 
both manual and automated procedure, to minimize the impact I am setting 
relatively small "centroid distance" and building area limits.

Best regards,


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