[Talk-GB] Ground truth v legal truth

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Fri Jul 19 11:36:46 UTC 2019

I have always held the view that the great strength of OSM is boots on
the ground and mapping what we see is always better than other sources.

I currently have a dispute with a remote mapper who is upgrading
tertiary roads to primary. 

In the case of one I see a quiet tertiary road, with no signs
indicating other than the local area it serves. It is narrow, has
narrow pavements and has lots of parked cars.

There is slightly longer bypass route, which was until this change
routing on the bypass roads. Now OSM is routing through a residential

I cannot dispute this is legally a primary, OS Opendata shows it.

I can certainly change the ref to unsigned:ref and ensure any weight
restrictions are mapped but is the view of others? 

Phil (trigpoint)

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