[Talk-GB] Ground truth v legal truth

Mark Goodge mark at good-stuff.co.uk
Fri Jul 19 20:11:28 UTC 2019

On 19/07/2019 18:05, David Woolley wrote:
> On 19/07/2019 15:37, Mark Goodge wrote:
>> There are, though, two potentially useful open data coordinate mapping 
>> systems that can be used by the likes of OSM. One is Mapcode, the 
>> other is Google's Open Location Code (aka Plus Codes). Both have the 
>> advantage of not only being entirely free and open to use, but can 
>> also be generated programmatically from a published algorithm - no 
>> need to hook into an API, just run some code locally.
> There is also the extended form of the venerable Maidenhead Locator System.

Ah, that's a new one on me. Looks a pretty simple algorithm, too. Thanks.


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